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At Proform Auto we provide high quality, durable, professional film. Self-healing properties combined with high tensile strength, hydrophobic top coating and low-temperature tolerance ensures the film we use to protect the paint on your vehicle will withstand our climate’s varying seasonal temperatures. UV resistant and anti-yellowing adhesives means a Proform Auto install will last!

Typically our package coverage begins with the hood, fenders, front bumper and side mirrors with further coverage available. Customers may choose to cover the entire hood and full fenders, coverage can also extend to painted areas surrounding the windshield – preventing chipping and rust from depreciating the appearance of the front end of the vehicle. Other package upgrades include rocker panels, door sills and cargo area protection so that damage is contained from the movement of items and people across the painted pieces inside the door sills or over trunk spaces.  Likewise, door cup protection inside door handles prevents scratches on the paint from fingernails, rings, and repetitive use. Further, headlights, fog lights, front grille, and additional custom pieces can be covered.

Additionally, we provide paint protection for high-end race and mountain bikes, motorhomes and RVs, motorcycles and dirt bikes.


  • Where Is This Product Applied?

    The film is applied to parts of the vehicle most affected by road spray including salt and gravel, rock chips, bug grime and seasonal deteriorations.

  • Does Paint Protection Require Special Maintenance??

    You may wash your car normally, keeping the wand 36” from the film to ensure a less abrasive pressure. Do not point the stream of water into trim and body edges, instead maintain the water flow in a bead off the vehicle, not UNDER corners or edges. We recommend synthetic wax only, do not use Carnuba or colored wax resin.

  • Will I see The Film Protection?

    The film is completely transparent and will not affect the appearance of your vehicle.

  • Can It Be Used On Headlights?

    Yes, This film can also be applied to the headlights of the vehicle.

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