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Your Number 1 stop for 3M Paint Protection Film & Window Tint!

Window tinting is an auto option that is growing in popularity. With Proform Window tint you can turn your truck or car into a fashion statement. An innovative product has been designed to protect auto paints from side effects. A 3M clear paint protection film is a completely transparent film that is applied over the painting to protect it from depreciations

Just as the name implies, 3M paint protection film works as a protection for paints. It is a shield that deflects objects and absorbs shock. This is a unique solution for car owners who desire to keep their paint job immaculate. The 3M paint protection film could also be applied to high impact areas that experience lots of sun damage and debris from the road throughout the life of the car. Apart from being very functional, the clear urethane film has other benefits such as minimizing car maintenance expenditure, ease of car cleaning and increasing the value of the car. All of these will be achieved when you decide to apply this high quality film on your car windows.

The transparent film is applied to the high impact zones of vehicles which are the areas that a most likely to suffer damage. There is a high durability with this product and it has many practical advantages that makes it better than other protective films such as the leather bra.

This film can also be applied to the headlights of the vehicle. It is suitable to be applied over surfaces that need protection from impact and scratching. It is suitable for all types of boats, aircrafts and vehicles. According to many customers, the protection that clear bra gives is second to none in the market.

The clear bra film comes in rolls.

It has an adhesive side which enables the application of the film to the body of the vehicle. Each roll of film has a specific size that range from 6 to approximately 60 inches in width. Each film is suitable for custom cutting to fit the specific part of the car.

Most of the time, professionals will apply Paint Protective Film to the part of the car that is affected more by flying and impact particles such as sand, gravel etc, when in motion. These car parts include bumpers, hood, fog lights, fenders, headlights, and side view mirrors. The film is completely transparent and will not affect the appearance of your vehicle. The layer is also exceptionally resilient and will maintain its transparency instead of turning yellow with time. Also the clear bra film can be polished to give it a cutting edge and more shinning appearance. How the film is to be applied depends on the choice of the driver and the safety level to be achieved. In order to maximize the protection of the paint, most car owners choose to protect the entire bonnet of the car.

Clear paint protection films are the most useful and practical development currently in the market. Whenever you decide to wash your car, the Leather bras need to be removed. They should also be taken off in times of cold and poor weather. On the other hand bug shields interfere with the aerodynamic design of the car.

When installed, the films are 100% maintenance free. The good thing is that the paint underneath will not experience damage by the adhesive side of the film. The fact that NASCAR race teams make use of this film in protecting their cars gives evidence of its top quality.

Every car owner concerned with the protection and appearance of his car. It is necessary to protected vehicles from degrading influences on the road by making use of the clear paint protection film. There are no side effects to its usage and will keep the painting of the car in good condition for a long time. This service is widely available and common no matter the area you live in.

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