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About Proform Auto Tint

Proform Auto Tint is an Edmonton based company that offers reliable and professional auto window tinting to all vehicle owners and new car buyers in Alberta, Sherwood Park and Edmonton.

We also have an insured and fully bonded staff to assist their clients residing at Sherwood Park and Edmonton. Our customer service brings satisfaction for our clients to just sit back and feel relaxed.

Proform Auto Tint is the number one source for tinting vehicle window in Sherwood Park and Edmonton. We are proud to offer 3M Paint protection film for extra customization and durability to their clients painting job.

Proform Auto Tint has an experienced team of professionals with many years of experience in applying window tint in Edmonton and many other places in Canada. Our company never stops working until our clients are satisfied with our results. Proform Auto Tint has the capacity to make your car completely new with our modernized auto window tinting services. We clarify our purpose and goals on using the highest quality in Auto tinting and 3M paint protection film installation for the benefit of our loyal clients in Sherwood Park and Edmonton.

Proform Auto Tint only makes use of high quality Performance Window films and 3M paint protection film. Many clients of our clients claim that the company applies the best auto tint and film products that offer protection for their vehicles and this is the innovative use of 3M paint protection film.

We offer the best quality service and auto window tint in Edmonton as supported by the claims of our customers. Offering top quality auto tint in Sherwood Park and window tint in Edmonton in addition to dependable installation services has made Proform Auto Tint the preferred tinting company for lots of car owners in the area.

We also provide scratch resistant and laser cut car protection films for paint with also other car tint protection film products that are of high quality, cost efficient and back with guarantee.

Our Services Include:

  • Tinting products
  • Auto Window Tinting
  • 3M Paint Protection Film Installation
  • 3M Paint protection film

Proform Auto Tint will make our car completely new with our world class car window tinting services. Our customers both in Edmonton and Sherwood Park claim that we apply the very best of auto tint and protection film products for their vehicles. In the event of greater risks involving the protection, privacy and safety of passengers, no other solution can give a closer touch at preparedness and effectiveness than having your car windows properly tinted at Edmonton and Sherwood Park. Prevention can raise the standards for you when you get your car windows tinted with 3M paint protection film. Take up the challenge and learn how to design and protect your vehicle with high quality auto tints in Edmonton and Sherwood Park in the most effective way. Making use of our 3M paint protection film brings class, newness, identity, style, authenticity and elegance. 3M Paint Protection will save your car from the following:

  • Dirt
  • Rock Chips
  • Environmental Fallout
  • Bugs
  • Stains

We provide scratch resistant and laser cut car paint film protection to protect your car. At Proform Auto Tint, we only make use of high quality Performance window films and 3M paint protection film. We also have fully insured and bonded staff to help you out. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and we offer top quality customer services for potential and current customers. Car owners seeking for Professional Car window tint in Edmonton can now take advantage of our affordable prices.

For more information concerning our high quality 3M paint protection film and tinting products, give us a call immediately and any of our customer representative will respond to your inquiries.

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